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Custom Table Tent Printing

Custom Table Tent Printing

table tent printing

    Table Tents Printing
  • Standard Size for Table Tents: 5.5"x4.25", 6"x4", 5"x6.5", 8"x4", 11"x3"
  • Print on Card-120 lb Cover stock & Card-100 lb Cover Stock
  • Product Style: Leg Table Tents, Tall Table Tents, Standard Table Tent
  • Full Color Printing
  • Professional Graphic Design Service Absolutely Free
  • Free Lamination / Coating (Glossy / Matte)
  • All over USA Free Shipping
  • 10 to 12 business days Turnaround (Rush service is available)

Restaurant, Hotel, Custom Table Tents Printing Services

Table Tents Printing is excellent, effective for business marketing and ideal for the product advertisement. These are found on most traveled places such as bars, restaurants, clubs, conferences, trade shows etc. Popularity of products through customized table tents can bring visible and great changing in sales. Regular table tents and tri panel table tents leave significant impact on customers and if they are prepared with consideration and are motivated enough, they will keep attraction for long time. A paper table tent can include full colorful pictures to show a mood, nutritional information, yearly events / calendar, an advertisement, list of items and all kind of other information. If you have not considered table tents as a genuine tool of your business promotion then you need to wake up to take a prominent part in business competition. You should consider the best printing table tent cards for your business. A person who invests in business should be well aware of benefits of business tool. Let us bring the important tips for your successful participation in your own business tents cards.

Firstly colorful table tents have been proven to increase sales. This is the result of most obvious using of table tents that their demand is increasing day by day.
Table tents are especially for optional side items, many restaurants use table tents to promote side item and got amazing results with increased in sales. Secondly these are also used for product emphasis. When you bring any novelty and newness in your business, it's either related to new launching or introduction of any specific order, you would like to cater its information on table tent card. It gives a chance to emphasize certain products. Those products which are identity of your business should be display through tent card time to time. There might be some seasonal item so you must have new seasonal promotional campaign with these specific products in mind for instance if you are running a business of cosmetic you should have a pre-plan about those items which get change according to the season. Table tents help you put emphasis in these products by featuring them right at the table. So if you want to add a little prominence on a few important products that you have, table tents printing is the best solution to do this successfully. Thirdly, development of business relations and reputation in market is quite important. Table tent give you an opportunity to promote your business of your company through them. A part of product publicity they help you in maintaining a best public relation around your business. All that you have to do is design your table tents card with content information. This step uplifts your business and helps to establish new relationship. For reputation development you can show the details of your business achievements on the table tents card. You can tell the people about your awards, tools that you use, state of art methods or a unique business techniques which you use in your business for betterment of other. All these things can be easily convey and successfully communicated if you add them with suitable massages on your table tent card. Fourthly and finally table tents card are also used as decoration in offices. These are one of the very elegant decoration pieces for your office tables. So as a great decoration tool table tent card develops a great aesthetically enjoyable atmosphere for your customers.

Now when you have realize the importance of having table tent cards for your business marketing, it becomes crucial to know about effective creativity of your table tent and its printing.

There are 5 main Tips on Effective Table Tents Printing.

You are required a best design and a great business strategy before printing of your table tent cards. This cannot be possible with out fully believe in its importance. Table tents must be designed with the same attention which is considered to make posters and brochures for your business. Table tents are also utilized when they are distributed to the audience present in business meetings. There are some tips which can help you to produce best quality table tent cards.

Since table tents have a very limited visibility for the walk-in customers. So you should be more concerning in writing the headline of the cards. It is likely to be the newsletter and newspaper and must be catchy. First line should be important because a customer might not be interested in whole material which is written on table tent but the first or starting line should be clearly delivered. This successful step can lead you wining the all aims. So always think about more powerful and consequential words.

After you have done with strong headline, you need to insert some very attractive and interesting images. Many people preferably search for pictures and then relate them with headings. In this case you should add the pictures which depict your slogan or given title headline. Images must be appealing and beautiful. You may put the images of your company's product because they fulfill your need of product advertisement as well.

You must be careful in card's placement. Mostly in restaurants these table cards are placed on dinning tables or on counters as well. In hotels these are located on side tables near the telephone table. It means placement of card does matters a lot. While putting them somewhere make sure about there easily readability and clear visibility from a distance. This can become very easy when you think about the people who would be sitting or standing near the table tents.

When you have gone through all the process of customization of your table tent card then it becomes to the table tent printing. You don't need to hunt for printer around you. Net has made this very easy. If you want more reliable and compassionate company that helps you in meeting your all requirement, believe in Discount Designing (DD) and its many successful years in providing the quality printing of multiple items to its customers. Do not neglect the importance of your own prepared table tent cards, our professional team works according to your desire and brings the exact printing quality of your tent cards with no discrimination in color and design. We use latest and modern techniques to make such cards. Discount designing is being credited as best services and facilities providing company. We have proven approx 12 years of continuum excellence. We apply quality stock that does not get spoiled soon. At here table tent cards are prepared on 14pt and 16pt card stock which is thick and hard and these stocks are used as per customer's demand. Standard table tent cards are made on 5.5"x4.25", 6"x4", 5"x6.5", 8"x4" and 11"x3" size. Professional designers help you to design your demanded tent cards under great consideration. We give you facility of fastest turnaround with free shipping and handling within USA. For further details call us at 617-939-9054 or email at