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CD Sleeves Printing

CD Sleeves Printing

cd sleeves without flap

    CD Sleeves Printing without Flap
  • Standard Size for CD Sleeves: 5"x5"
  • Print on Card-120 lb Cover stock & Card-100 lb Cover Stock
  • Style: 2 Panel CD Sleeves without Flap
  • Full Color Printing
  • Professional Graphic Design Service Absolutely Free
  • Free Lamination / Coating (Glossy / Matte)
  • All over USA Free Shipping
  • 10 to 12 business days Turnaround (Rush service is available)

flap cd sleeves

custom cd sleeve

Perfect CD Cardboard, Custom, Die Cut CD Sleeves Printing Services

Today's business is for world reliance. Now-a-days people do not keep their business limited. To cross the boundaries of success it is necessary to spread the information with durable impression on others. Businessmen are ready to spent millions of dollars every year from product's advertisement to packages of their products. No matter what is the business of person brand recognition keeps worth for everyone. Let's suppose a musician is working on their next music CD. It is important for them to start thinking about the CD or DVD packaging as well. World is now modern enough every person who is related to some business affectionately convert business policies and records in soft-copy. For this very reason CDs/DVDs are prepared. The main thing which comes in first observation is the CD cover.

CD Sleeves stand specific among crowd and they often decide the success or failure of your business. It's crucial to understand that an impressive CD cover becomes the reason of attraction. If CD sleeves printing is appropriate, it will help to enhance the face value of CD inside the CD insert. Promotional DVD and CD covers are prepared specially for well-known fields e.g. tutorial, presentational, educational, trade show and media. Sometimes full color CD sleeves design brings drastic changes in selling and purchasing. Basically CD sleeves are cardboard, paper and plastic protective sleeves which are further used to save or distribute business CDs. A person who is fond of collecting CDs and DVDs would like to keep CD box or bag. Personalized CD sleeves give maximum benefits in offices where it becomes essential to save digital company records and other data. CD printing is not as exclusive as it sounds and costs its rather cheap than many other promotional items. It helps you when you required sending data through post. What can be the easier and more professional than smart cardboard CD sleeves? You can get them printed as wholesale CD sleeves to keep them for branding. Custom CD sleeves help you to customize your business CDs with your personally created designs on them. After customization you just have to place your order to a company which works for your ease and satisfaction and look you are at right place. We realize that CDs and DVDs play an important role in business life because human life now depends on technology. This little creature is now on high demand for work and for entertainment as well. Custom CD cases are crucially required for adequate protection to your DVD. You can get your own CD jackets, printing for personal business. We manufacture best CD cardboard packaging to keep your CDs safes from dust and dirt. We are known as online CD cover makers, Discount Designing (DD) offers durable and attractive CD sleeves for business and domestic use. We apply quality adhesive on CD sleeves. Our designers prepare elegant CD labels which increases the outer value and make them selling like hot cakes. Customers intentionally get their special event CD cover e.g. wedding CD sleeves are prepared with collective images and pictures. We use stock of 80 lb cover, 100 lb cover, 120 lb cover, cardboard 100 lb, cardboard 120 lb and cardboard 140 lb. CD sleeves are made with standard size of 5"x5". We also prepare CD covers with panels; let's have a view on descriptions and varieties of CD sleeves with panels. We hope it will become easier to understand the technical preparing of panels.

Two panel: A commonly used CD covers which can be easily view in local markets. Used for home and offices used as well.

Three panel: CD case which is prepared with double fold of 5"x5", basically it is also used to keep single CD but gives unique look, it is specifically utilized to give basic introduction of the company. Customers willingly order for three panels CD case for more written stuff about their business.

Four Panel: This case is made with more folds. The 4 panel CD sleeve is utilized for keeping two CDs and are warmly demanded for established business.

Five / Six panels: Five, six, seven and more than these panels are prepared to put CDs which are consisting upon 1 or more than one part. This can also be explained as part A, part B and part C. These cases are purposely prepared for presentations or business plans. No doubt these are very beneficial for all kind of use and when it comes to spreading information of your business in market, they really cannot be neglected because they give ultimate results due to more panels. Worthy introduction comes on its folds with sequence and it cannot leave receiver without throwing lasting impression that remains fresh forever.

We are offering many free and enthusiastic facilities for our customers like free design service with unlimited artwork revisions. Free shipment and handling on your doorstep with quick turnaround is promised. Our live customer service representatives are all time available for your assistance.