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Letterheads Printing

standard letterhead

    Standard Letterheads Printing
  • Standard Letterhead: 8.5"x11"
  • Print on 70 lb White Stock
  • Full Color Printing
  • Professional Graphic Design Service Absolutely Free
  • All over USA Free Shipping
  • 10 to 12 business days Turnaround (Rush service is available)

legal size letterhead

    Legal Letterheads Printing
  • 8.5"x14"
  • Print on Paper-24 lb Bright White Stock, Paper-28 lb Bright White Stock, Linen-20 lb Textured stock, Recycled Paper Stock
  • Full Color Printing
  • Professional Graphic Design Service Absolutely Free
  • All over USA Free Shipping
  • 10 to 12 business days Turnaround (Rush service is available)

Embossed, Custom foil Stamp Letterheads Printing Services

Letterheads for business use affect your business image in market. This is secondary way to present your company in front of anyone. Letterheads are like a person's personality, it depends on your nourishment that how positively you react towards grief and pleasure in your life, in the same way letterheads reflects the image that you want to convey. For this reason you should also be very concerning towards design selection of your company's letterhead. Your letterheads are messengers of your company they will convey your name and address. They also create an image about the quality and brand of your products and services which you are giving to your respective client. When we talk about personality and impression it is directly concerning to the product which you are trying to utilize for advertisement purpose. The design which you use for your letterhead should express your company's reputation. To create a proper and lasting impression on your customer you need to involve your self during creation of your letterhead. There are many elements which are used to prepare an elegant letterheads for your company e.g. logo of the company, type-styles, text selection by you, color effects and paper it is printed on.

There are some tips to follow while deciding for letterheads Printing:

Company's Logo:
Do you have a monogram/symbol/logo of your company? If so, then you should use it in your letterheads. Having a logo is good for multiple use of it, it can be put on your business cards and envelopes. Similarly they are used for marketing and better communication. Frequently use of company's logo brings consistency in appearance. It also enhances the company's recognition. But if you don't have personal logos then do not bother to go in its depth. Remember your focus is letterhead this time. In this case just choose a relevant design which somehow matches to your needs.

Color representation:
Think for a while about the suitable color which can convey your all massages with great affects on other? Use software to take an idea of best color scheme. Associated colors help to develop the identity of company. Do not use sharp colors on letterheads. Dim and light colors give better effects when something is written on them.

Formation and type style:
Type style and format matter a lot. Different type-styles create different impressions. You can use same or different styles as font or type style of your letterheads. But try to limit the styles, use one or two styles of heading or sub-headings.

Company related information:
Finalize all the information which is supposed to write on the letterheads. The information can consist upon your company name, address, contact numbers, email id and web address etc. After that if you have a slogan or any massage that your company conveys, use it on letterhead. A slogan is a best way to make other memorize the name of your company. If you have some more relevant or special information about your company must put them in a sequence. Avoid over crowd and complicated vocabulary. The main purpose of your letterhead is to provide information about your company, do not include any unnecessary information.

Paper/stock selection:
Always go for best quality stock. Ask for assistance in selection of best available material around the market. This would be your second last step for your letterheads but it is more crucial. Paper's weight, finish and color all are the elements which creates the impression on others.

All the above mentioned process will bring a customized design of your letterheads. Custom design provides many opportunities it allows you to select a unique design for your company which can be further used for many other items. Secondly use of templates for the format of your letter would be the most suitable option. Formats of template can be used through software. They give high level customization.

Now when you have decided each and everything on your letterheads, you required a best printing company which admires and appreciates your work with guarantee of best printing through latest processes. Discount Designing (DD) gives you opportunity to print your letterhead with full consideration and exactly of custom design. We prepare high quality letterheads with quality stock of 24lb bright white (ultra smooth), 28lb bright white (ultra smooth), 20lb linen stock (textured), and alabaster stock. Generally the standard size 8-1/2" x 11" is prepared and sometimes there is an option of size 7-1/4" x 10-1/2". Beside these two main sizes all custom sizes are done. Mostly customers demand for best available stocks, we access standard economy grade, smooth finish paper, laid finish paper and linen finish paper. Discount Designing has skilled and trained professionals for managing your personalized letterheads printing. We apply quality inks to give proper visibility to the customer for long time. Our created letterheads generate lasting impression. Here you attain the facility of free design service. We assure you best service in customer care. Our live customer representatives are available for your assistance. They help you throughout the process of design and printing of letterhead. For further details call us at 617-939-9054 or e-mail at