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Full Colors Labels

Full Colors Labels


    Labels Printing
  • Standard Size for Labels 2"x2", 3"x2", 3"x3", 4"x2", 4"x3", 4"x4", 5"x3", 5"x4", 5"x5", 6"x3", 6"x4", 6"x6", 7"x5", 7"x6", 7"x7", 8"x3", 8"x4" and 8"x5", For Custom size, please fill out our Custom Quote form.
  • Printed on Standard Paper Sticker Stock
  • Style: Square, Rectangle, Round and Custom die Cut shapes are available on request
  • Full Color Printing
  • Professional Graphic Design Service Absolutely Free
  • Free Lamination / Coating (Glossy / Matte)
  • All over USA Free Shipping
  • 10 to 12 business days Turnaround (Rush service is available)

Custom, Die cut, Bottle Labels Printing

Get the printed labels is a very good opportunity to invest in you business. This act is friendly to the budget and inexpensive as compare to many other business tools which are used for business promotion. There are a lot of benefits of labels using in business such as brand promotion, greater returns in sales and purchasing, sufficient brand recognition, increase in market value of product and fame of business identity. Positive effects of your custom size label are extremely constant. There are some tips by using them you can save the cost and time spend on label design and printing.

Color Selection:- The very important and first step which you required for best labels printing is the consideration of colors. More color means more expense. This technique is especially for those people who have small business but they want to do advertisement through all possible channels. Always chose attractive and less colors hence it is proved that full color labels are more efficient for better marketing but labels with less colors keep some other type of advantages, they are affordable and are easily readable, cluster of color might be remain unable to convey the massage properly but less colors in labels make them comprehensive and readable. On the other hand selection of bright color takes expense but it gives fresh and alive look to the product. So in both cases choice is yours. However, by simply cutting the design of your print materials to one or two colors can give you a significant amount of savings that you will surely love.

Size of the label:- Although size of the label depends upon the size of the product on which it will be pasted. But there are still some opportunities to control the budget. Mostly companies suggest the bigger is the best. Wise and experienced printing company would always guide you to use small size label but only if you are using other tools of advertisement as well. You can get the same advantages having short labels and by spending less amount. Actually it is all about the design. If your material is easily recognized by your target client even from a far away then you can easily decrease the amount of your total printing work of your labels.

Design and format selection:- Always hunt for the best option in design and format of the label. If it required boarders, text box and other accessories give it complete attention. If you usually give designs to your many products, then be standardized this time. Similarity does not keep attraction, so be very unique in selection of making design for labels. Put the text in best format style because label could be placed at any shaped product in all cases it should be easily readable.

Selection of the Stock:- Last but not the least technique is usage of the paper for label printing and all other material which are required to prepare a best label. Actually, all that depends upon the company which is going to print your label after your personal working on it, so have a deal with them to use best available stock in market. If your need a guideline to find a company which is most promising in term of quality work and customer care as well then you have to consult to Discount Designing (DD). Here you will be provided by many facilities at the same time. If you want to save your budget and to increase your economy you should trust in the 12 years of continues success of discount designing. We have team of skilled and trained designers and printers, who are firmed with latest knowledge in the field of printing. Our team fulfills your all requirements of printing and when it comes to the labels printing they give you more consideration as they give for stickers printing. We apply standard material e.g. durable adhesive, quality permanent inks and best paper stock. So use the best printed labels for your business marketing and manufactured services. We advise our client to consider four most important things while making labels, these are listed below.

There are several types of print labels but the most common labels are undeniably recognized as fruits, food, cosmetics, cell, shipping labels, return address labels, cd / dvd labels, custom labels, die cut labels, bottle labels, wholesale labels, wine bottle labels, product bottle labels, security labels and LCD labels. Your presented labels can be your words because they say a lot about your products. These labels are not only to carry the information about your products in fact they are the mirror of your business. Discount Designing (DD) gives you assurance to being the excellent working company among all competitors. We prepare unique and matchless labels. High quality work in fast turn around is our best representative quality. There are some multiple labels which are being used for several reasons e.g. any product can be kept in a common box and such labels can be put over it. Some famous labels are made to be paste on plastic item they contain on permanent adhesive and printed stuff. Mostly these labels are for electronic devices because their color does not fade for the years. There is also full color and die cut label service available on Discount Designing (DD). So what are you waiting now, just place your order at or get more info from 617-939-9054