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Calendars Printing

Calendars Printing

single page calendar

    Single Page Calendars Printing
  • Standard Size for Calendars: 8.5"x5.5", 9"x6.75", 11"x8.5", 14"x9", 19"x14", 22"x17"
  • Print on Paper- 100 lb Glossy Text stock & Paper- 120 lb Glossy Text stock
  • Product Style: Single Page Calendar (All 12 Months on 1 Page)
  • Full Color Printing
  • Professional Graphic Design Service Absolutely Free
  • All over USA Free Shipping
  • 10 to 12 business days Turnaround (Rush service is available)

three pages calendar

six pages calendar

12 pages calendar

Business Calendars, Custom, Promotional Calendars Printing Services

In spite of advertising business through any other marketing technique, you would be surprised that Calendars printing is very relevant to the results that you have dreamed for. Most probably because marketing calendars let companies / business and brands enjoy a whole year of visibility and continuous advertising of their products which spends more time in front of every one is always successful. For business use, customized calendars are chance to create a tremendous kind of product, with its best opening, launching and introduction. Businessmen would always like to express appreciation to cooperate clients as New Year comes. Calendars printing for business use is so inexpensive way of advertising. It allows you to market your business without breaking your budget. There are some very favorable tips to prepare a calendar before you give it to the printers for final printing.

Use quality and attractive images. Calendars always required a large or clearly visible image. It is really important to consider the resolution of the images which you are going to use for your calendar. The ideal resolution for printing is 300 dpi (dots per inch) or maybe higher. You need to be careful while getting images from internet/web. Pictures should be of same size so that they should not lose their grace while printing. In case you are taking your own photos, make it sure that all pictures are captured on high resolution.

Color Selection: - Always select attractive colors. As we all know that colors are one of the specific components of life. Without colors life is hue less. Remember bright and vivid colors never fail to grab the attention. If want to convey some massage through picture, must highlight it with colors so that a person who is viewing your calendar must get what you have tried to say. Secondly, if you want to demonstrate a cheerful brand identity, then you should use primary colors. For a professionally used calendar you need to use motivational images with decent and light backgrounds. It would be ideal if you apply contrast colors in spite of using multiple colors on each page. You need to realize that colors reflect the personality of the person, office, business and product which is being explained in calendars.

Selection of theme: - marketing becomes more effective when it is done on some foundations and planning. Beside the image selection you need to be conscious about the basic theme of the calendars. While giving attention to the theme of the calendars keep your condensation on its format and design as well. You should choose the concept which is exactly of the demand of your business. You can only attain the objective of target marketing by utilizing all the required strategies. For instance if you are relevant to the school, collage or university supplies, consider having a theme that support the importance and benefits of education. There are unlimited possibilities to choose the theme so be wise.

Information relevant to business/company: - never forget to put the details of your business or company. These details may contain upon business contact numbers, address, mailing id, fax or other specialties. If you have a website must include your URL and Email Address. These things are very important to get a feed back.

Now as you have come to know fully about best strategies of calendar printing for marketing, you can get its maximum benefits. If your calendar is prepared under special consideration it will allow you to sustain in front of your target audience for whole the year around them and they will not change it with seasons and taste. If you need any assistance and instruction while making a personalized calendar's format for your business you are at right place. Discount Designing (DD) is the best calendar printing company which provides complete guideline during you are preparing for your calendars. Our professional and trained team members provide you templates. You just need to select the one that suits your requirement. Then it's become our responsibility to print calendars for you. Printing can be done in full color or in black and white. We provide custom calendars printing which allows client to use their own photos if they desire and will incorporate to their preferences either text and company logo. We print calendars at card and paper stock as well. Paper which is used to prepare calendars can be glossy or matte. Business organizers preferably demand for glossy paper, because it gives immense and attractive look. Mostly companies accommodate to print wholesale calendars with same version or sometimes with unique and different designs.

There are a few categories in calendars, lets discuss them so it could become easy for you to customize best calendars for your business use.

One page calendar and two pages calendars is prepared with 6 months description on each page. Then it come to the three pages calendars it shows 4 months elaborative format on each page. A five pages calendars is very warmly desired because it gives space to company for its introduction and information, in this category first page will show company's detail and other four pages will be showing months of the year with dates. There is most interesting kind of calendars making, yes its commonly in view now-a-days its six page calendar which shows 2 month on each page and the most traditional used calendar is the one which comes with twelve pages and shows 1 month on each page. We also do calendar only on card stock but, calendar with top half on card stock and bottom on gloss text stock are also prepared which joint with spiral bottom part can contain 4, 6 or 12 pages. We apply best quality stock of 100 lb and 120 lb cover stock and paper can be 80 lb, 100 lb, and 120 lb gloss text stock. Likewise bottom part is made on 24 and 28 lb bright white stock which usually used for letterheads. Digital printing technology makes it easier to work in short time, so it becomes easy to give fast turn around to client. Discount Designing (DD) prepares your custom calendars with many benefits which does not affect your budget and give you leading and successful feelings in maintaining your business with having marketing competition. Get the facilities of excellent calendar printing. Here the printing process is done with modern equipment; utilizing quality ink is done through CMYK and Pantone printing process. This gives durable and lasting effect and your calendars remain fresh looking 12 months of a year. Every new page is like a new world opened at the place where they are displayed.

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