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picture stickers

Everyone want their things to be personalized, so they create sticker with own picture and place on many things like bottles, laptop, fridge, invitations etc. Some wants photo with picture with custom shapes oval, round, or picture shape. We fulfill all these need and our custom picture stickers can place anywhere, when removed and will not leave residue behind.

Full color photo with custom message or your own or favirout quotes! To create your cheap price picture sticker, just take a photo clear background area using Adobe Photoshop and upload at our website. We will produce desire quantity of your stickers and you can place. If want us to design your photo sticker, just give us photo(s) and message that will place on sticker. We will design and send you for approval, once approved then can place your order. All sticker sizes available, just select below prices tab your photo sticker size, quantity and place your online secure order.