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Die Cut Stickers

die cut stickers

Introduction of Die Cut Sticker?

In normal life we seen many types of stickers and different shapes. Square and rectangle shapes called simple cutting stickers all other shapes which contain one or many curves called die cut.

Why we use these types of stickers for our business or any other purpose? There are few things behind like if use our logo as die cut sticker then we want to promote our business using basic company's identity, it will help people to judge brand name. If our field related to animals then we use die cut animal sticker to advertise main business with a message, it can be contact information or and "what we do".

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Die Cut Stickers and Decals:

We met in routine life many people who mix up stickers and decals though both are different in stock and process. die cut decals are one color or two color without any imprint but now it can print and die cutting.
Stickers with die cutting is another method in which involve many things like, positives (film making), printing, die making then die cutting.

How to design die cut stickers?

First create your die line which needs to be cut for stickers then design your sticker and keep bleed margin as 0.125". Issues in die cutting some designers not care die lines and stickers they make die cutting curves very close which are not possible as design seen over the computer screen actually 2 things involve in die cut stickers one is sticker size and second one is die line curves to make better die cut sticker trim line curves will have space 0.125".

Our best offer for die cutting stickers:

DiscountDesigning and Printing offer free design service, you can see bottom right corner chat window, just tell us our representative what you need to be die cut, we will design your sticker according to your need and send you for approval, you can ask unlimited changes for your sticker. Once your die cut sticker look perfect just inform us so next process can be start. Minimum die cut charges apply and no extra bucks needs to be pay for shipment in USA and CANADA, if rush service required then extra charges apply.

Any Question Regarding Die Cut Stickers?
Please email us at or chat our live representative.