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Clear Vinyl Stickers Printing

clear vinyl stickers

What is clear vinyl stickers, these are same as other vinyl stickers they have white background behind the artwork in clear stickers only artwork have white background and rest of all will be clear. The main purpose of clear stickers are when they apply as custom address labels, the information printed on clear sticker can be easily viewable and give a look like printed on package or envelopes.

Sometimes we called Vinyl Window Decals or Window Stickers, these clear stickers easily apply on car, truck window, cosmetic bottles and on other things like this. Clear stickers are best choice to promote brand name, ingredients, usage with see through with stickers.

How we print clear stickers? If clear stickers apply from inside of car and viewable from outside then first print artwork then white base coat (opaque) apply on clear stickers. Stickers which stick from outside, first print white base (opaque) then artwork. We print CMYK, PMS and or Spot colors on clear material sticker. Choose your required shape like square, oval, round, hexagon, octagon or any custom shape. We do custom transparent stickers with special die cutting. Sticker sizes, we allow all custom sizes, see our prices tab below and select your require size of clear sticker also available reverse printing option. Minimum allow size of sticker is 1" x 1" to 14" x 9" and starting quantity from 50 stickers. Print clear sticker on best sticker material available, which makes your design more clearest and durable.