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6x6 Small Booklet Printing

6x6 Small Booklet Printing
Booklets in small size are impressive and easy to keep at any place. Each and every thing related to booklet printing is same its images installing, its format style, its page stock, its usage during travel or at office and in home. The only thing which makes it unique is its small size. Since the booklet printing in standard size is introduced small booklet printing also become very popular. Discount designing is the best small booklet maker company which fulfills your all requirements.

Small Booklet Features:
  • Small Booklet sizes: 6"x6"
  • 8 Pages, 12 Pages, 16 Pages and 20 Pages
  • Title and Inner Pages on Gloss Text Stock
  • Full color title (booklet cover) and inner pages
  • Free Custom Graphic Design Service with Small Booklet Printing order
  • Free Shipping and Handling within USA

We do full color small booklet printing on 80lb, 100lb or 120 gloss text stock, on demand custom booklets can be done on card stock as well.
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