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Custom Promotional Coasters Printing

promotional coasters

Product promotion is an art, mostly we use serveral items to promote business, brand and services. Usally people use long term promotional products, like calendars, key chains, t-shirts, pens, coasters etc.. Every product has their ranges like calendars promote business for years now we are talking about coasters. We can use it long run and short run example if we use cardboard coaster to promoting business, these are laminated (glossy or matte finish) and re-use again and again. Though a pulpboard coaster can be use for week(s) because pulpboard is absorbent stock which absorb water, coffee and drinks so its life is limited. Most of floks recommend cardboard coaster as their promotional item so their message stay on offices tables long run. We produce coasters in standard and custom shapes i.e. circle shape, hexagon octagon and square with rounded corners but we offer custom die cut shapes as well. What is promotional coaster size: standard coaster size is 3.5 inches square or diameter. If you want more cheap price then 3" coaster size is best.

We also do promotional coasters, die cut promotional, wholesale coasters for promotion, personalized promotional absorbent coaster and wedding coasters.